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May 11th: Mudder's Day 2009 issue

More fake news than you can shake a stick at.

November 14th Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Archanfel (36), Diggler (52) and Volans (50)!

Your Mom
Of mice and MUD clients. Part 2 of some number.
Written by Fiendish  (3982 views)

Maybe you don't know anything about MUD clients. Maybe you do. Maybe you want my advice. Maybe you're just bored. Inside, I'll give you my advice for setting up a MUD client the right way.

A Retraction
Written by Fiendish  (1287 views)

None of it was true. It was all a fabrication.

Your Mom (con't)
It's not that I don't WANT to!
Written by Fiendish  (1273 views)

Stop it. You aren't funny. It's not cute. I'm not laughing.

Finance Report
Aardwolf-ready machines to bolster economy
Written by Mandorallen  (2366 views)

Recession woes have prompted several manufacturers to revise their marketing strategies.

Fashion & Style
'Lies Guide to a More Stylish Deletion
Written by VelvetLies  (1373 views)

 The Delete command is currently disabled, but it's never too early to start rehearsing...


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