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January 1st: Happy New Issue!
November 14th Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Archanfel (36), Diggler (52) and Volans (50)!

Not So Current Events
Olde Timers Too Stubborn to Change
Written by VelvetLies  (1379 views)

 Where's Midgaard? What's Midgaard? Who Publishing Group?

Aardwolf announces new monthly subscription charges
Written by Wolfe  (1370 views)

Following a comprehensive review of the online gaming world, including various MMORPGs, the Imms have announced that effective from 1st January 2009, Aardwolf will become pay-to-play only.

(Breaking news: No, not really. Though we're flattered someone might actually believe us based on a single headline ;)

Your Mom
Writing is easy
Written by Fiendish  (1234 views)

Listen, you think this business is easy. Writing is hard work...

Shelf life of assholes continues to decrease, experts say
Written by Wolfe  (1276 views)

A paper issued by the Aylorian Research Site of Entertainment this week suggests that the time from a player creating, acting like an annoying asshole, and then sinking into complete obscurity is slowly closing.

1. Who Hottie
2009 To Bring Joy and More to Aardwolf!
Written by VelvetLies  (1375 views)

10 things you may not have known you were anticipating, in no particular order.


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