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July 1st: The Missing Issue
July 23rd Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Jerako (33) and Mox (57)!

Current Events
Dallying While Releasing Issue Sends One Editor-In-Chief to the Hospital
Written by Staff Reporter  (1078 views)

Sir Mandy Mandorallen is in critical condition at Aardwolf Hospital after an upset immortal roasted his toes for twelve continuous hours.

Rapid Transportation Network announced by Ivar Enterprises
Written by Kerensky  (1075 views)

Gaardian reporters were roused early this morning for a surprise press conference by Ivar Enterprises.  It was called to announce the formation of a new division within his Corporation: Rapid Transportation Network.

Current Events (con't)
Extra! Extra! Espresso
Written by Wispen  (1112 views)

Just a couple of days ago, the offices of Gaardian were bursting with excited news reporters. The same people who calmly confronted monsters for quotes and written articles about catastrophes bounced around in anticipation. The mountains of papers remained as they were too tense to work.

Wolfe looks for fresh reasons to delay new issues
Written by Erekose  (1074 views)

Following the launch of the Midgaardian Publishing Group's new Content Management System (CMS), it was reported that founder and Editor-in-Chief Wolfe was looking with increasing desperation to find excuses to avoid publishing new issues of the semi-popular newspaper.

Sought for Eyewitness(es) to Mysterious Death
Written by Kerensky  (1087 views)

A mysterious death was reported to the Cityguard at 4.35 am today.

News (con't)
Architect Found Intoxicated on Resident’s Doorstep
Written by Bernicus  (1115 views)

At 2am mudtime this morning, local authorities received a phone call from a distressed resident of Aardestates 2000.

Aliens Secretly Controlling the Imms of Aardwolf
Written by Marahar  (1129 views)

In an interview with Ravi, the controller of all things trivia, it was revealed that it was really an alien.

Gaardian Seeks to Upgrade Leadership
Written by Bernicus  (1107 views)

As a young and up-and-coming clan, Gaardian constantly seeks ways to better itself.

News (con't)
Couple Detained for Lewd Behavior
Written by Ruyven  (1091 views)

When it comes to public love, perhaps there is a line.

Deluge of Roses
Written by Ilyssa  (1069 views)

Earlier today, a deluge of roses of every variety (both real and imagined) arrived for Gaardian Editor-In-Chief, Alhena. This reporter managed to examine the card attached, which was signed "Your secret admirer".


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