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December 11th: December '05 edition
November 14th Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Archanfel (36), Diggler (52) and Volans (50)!

December Horoscopes
Written by Meleana  (1266 views)

Check out what Aardwolf and the real world have in store for you this holiday.

Poisoning Prank in Midgaard
Written by Wispen  (1140 views)

In recent reports, there has been a spate of food, or rather drink poisoning cases in Midgaard. The main victims of these crimes have been the vast majority of vampires residing in the city of Midgaard and this has resulted in numerous complaints written in to A.L.I.V.E, the Association of the Living-dead Including all Vampric Entities. Clerics in the city have reported a significant increase in the number of vampire patients. Blood drives to supplement supplies of clean blood have been organised.

Searching the Skies, Part I
Written by Nehtor  (1168 views)

Exploration is reaching new heights; several new areas have been discovered lately, but with what consequences?

Lasher's Wonton Soup
Written by Ilyssa  (1157 views)

Lasher was recently suffering from a very bad cold and was sniffling very badly. He was using up tissues at a very fast rate of 1 box every 3 minutes.

Crime Spree Hits Mega-City One
Written by Barkin  (1307 views)

Over the past two weeks, crime has risen 35 percent in Mega-City One. One store in particular has had the worst luck of all.

News (con't)
Children of Midgaard Eagerly Await Santa
Written by Kittenbane  (1208 views)

All over Midgaard, the squealing voices of children can be heard crying out, "Where's Santa Claus?!  When will he be here?"  The answer, of course, is that he will be here when he gets here.

Written by Mandorallen  (1311 views)

Classifieds. Aardwolf-style.

Current Events
Wolfe calls accusations of vanity publishing "Blindingly Obvious"
Written by Wolfe  (1285 views)

In a hastily called public conference yesterday, Editor-in-chief Wolfe responded to the accusations being made by various sources, claiming that the Midgaardian Publishing Group was nothing more than a group of individuals pandering to their own egos and calling it a clan.

Current Events (con't)
Weight problems in Aardwolf: Anorexia on the rise
Written by Wispen  (1172 views)

A recent study on the lifestyle habits of the people in Aardwolf have shown that is an alarming number of anorexia and bulimic creatures in Aardwolf.

Immolation at Gaardian AGM!
Written by Kerensky  (1144 views)

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) was recently held at Gaardian Clan Hall to update Gaardian shareholders on the current direction Gaardian is headed. Hosted by Mandorallen, the AGM started off with a giggle.


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November '05 edition
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