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March 9th: March 2006 edition
July 23rd Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Jerako (33) and Mox (57)!

Written by A Guest Contributor  (1134 views)

Classifieds. Aardwolf-style.

Coffee Break Puzzles
March Sudoku Mini-Challenger
Written by Mandorallen  (1292 views)

Try your hand at a new variation of Sudoku entitled "Wordoku"! In Wordoku, puzzle solvers use letters instead of numbers to complete a Sudoku-like grid.

February Sudoku Challenger Solution
Written by Mandorallen  (1207 views)

The solution to February's Sudoku challenger is here.

Coffee Break Puzzles (con't)
Badger Competition Results
Written by Mandorallen  (1251 views)

Three valiant hunters went out last month and came back with all the culprits in hand.

Current Events
Wife murders husband with poker cards
Written by The Winter Rose  (1107 views)

Big Al, the Insane Gambler, was found dead in the Exotica Room of Ivar's Casino last Monday. The dealer in that room, the desert maiden Yasmin discovered the body upon arriving at work.

Xeno appointed Imm, Ex-Imms relax somewhat
Written by Wolfe  (1232 views)

The new Imms for the Spring season have been announced, and the appointment of Xeno amongst them has caused small sighs of relief from those who were once Immortal.

ARIA The Animation
Written by Danj  (1284 views)

The planet Aqua has been terraformed, and part of it turned into a watery paradise called Neo-Venezia where companies of undines (gondoliers) ply their trade.

News on Tourism
Gold in them there Mines!
Written by Barkin  (1300 views)

Sent to protect the main streets of Gold Rush, Marshall James, has his hands full as prospectors run through the streets with a newfound sense of urgency.  A new vein has been found in the old mining tunnels!

News on Tourism (con't)
Sanitation drops below 0% in Arboria!
Written by Nehtor  (1126 views)

A shocking poll has uncovered what seems to be the worst mess in centuries.

March Horoscopes
Written by Meleana  (1092 views)

The stars are temporarily on hold.


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