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April 18th: April 2006 edition
March 23rd Birthday Alert: There are no Aardwolf birthdays happening today.

Current Events
Those clans which didn't make it: A brief guide
Written by Wolfe  (1176 views)

Following the inclusion of the Lost Rogues to the clans of Aardwolf following the latest EVirtualCommerce method of petition writing, the staff at the Midgaardian would like to spare a moment to consider those clans who didn't make the cut this time.

Aardwolf Rejoices at the Addition of Another Bland, Themeless Clan
Written by Bernicus  (1120 views)

Aardwolfians everywhere are celebrating the arrival of the newest clan, The Lost Rogues.  Much to their delight, unlike the name suggests the clan really does not have a theme.

Furry Fae Turns Town Trickster
Written by Kittenbane  (1156 views)

Daoine's newest member, one Pete C. Tail (also known as Harvey), has been causing quite an uproar in Midga'ard with some of his latest pranks.

Written by A Guest Contributor  (1090 views)

Classifieds. Aardwolf-style.

The Rise and fall of a Superhero
Written by Barkin  (1257 views)

The power surges through your lungs as you announce to the world of Aardwolf that you are a SUPERHERO.

Final Fantasy XII
Written by Danj  (1331 views)

If you're the sort of person who thinks that every Final Fantasy since VII is merely "average", or that current Final Fantasy games aren't a patch on FFIV, prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised by the latest entry in the series, Final Fantasy XII (that's 12, for those of you who don't read Roman Numerals).

March Sudoku Mini-Challenger Solution
Written by Mandorallen  (1196 views)

Now that the contest is over, here's the solution to March's sudoku mini-challenger.

April Sudoku Mini-Challenger
Written by Mandorallen  (1218 views)

Due to the overwhelming popularity of last month's "Wordoku", this month will feature yet another variation of the same puzzle.


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