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September 30th: September 2006 edition
September 21st Birthday Alert! Happy Birthday to Malcor (42)!

Coyote Ragtime Show
Written by Danj  (1172 views)

This show doesn't have any ragtime in it, nor does it have any coyotes (excepting the fact that the pirate-like main characters refer to themselves as coyotes) but it's an entertaining (if short) series.

September Sudoku Challenger
Written by Mandorallen  (1101 views)

For those of you who are tired of filling in Sudoku puzzle after Sudoku puzzle, give this month's challenger a try. Here, the boxes have all been completed, but the task of rearranging the boxes is left to you!

Puzzles (con't)
August Sudoku Challenger Solution
Written by Mandorallen  (1083 views)

The results from August's sudoku challenger are in.

The List
Search for Aardwolf's ruination continues
Written by Mandorallen  (1111 views)

Several people have proposed causes for Aardwolf's recent ruination. Here are this month's culprits.

Current Events
Yet another NoPK member ruins the MUD
Written by Staff Reporter  (1007 views)

Gaardian member, Sir Mandy Mandorallen's global quest victory earlier this month spurred on yet another outcry from PK enthusiasts when victory was snatched from the would-be winner, Wojmil.

Current Events (con't)
GRAND OPENING! Gladiator Arena
Written by Barkin  (1241 views)

Here Ye! Here Ye! Come one, come all to the GRAND OPENING of the Gladiator Arena.  It’s fun for the whole family.

Zoo deemed dangerous after attack
Written by Nehtor  (1082 views)

As the reputation of the Aardwolf Zoological Park spreads further, people venture from distant areas of Andolor to see it.

Fresh Inquest into Cemetary Corruption claims
Written by Wolfe  (1060 views)

The Aylor city council has announced further inquiries into the amounts of money being spent on cemetaries in and around the city, as well as further afield, following accusations that they seem to be getting a lot of funding for doing next to nothing.

News (con't)
Epidemic Scare
Written by The Winter Rose  (1035 views)

An elusive bug (or multiple bugs) has everyone in an uproar.


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