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April 1st: V3 special issue

Rumour Mill
New Area "Worse than Zangar's"
Written by Mandorallen  (3297 views)

With the advent of new, increasingly fiendish areas that require the player to be highly experienced at telepathy, builders are in a race to see who can create the "next Zangar".

Top 10
V3 Ruins Everything - Again!
Written by VelvetLies  (3929 views)

The Top 10 Things You Need to Know about the latest installment of v3.

Anime Streaming Goes Legit
Written by Danj  (2195 views)

Shock! Legalized streaming anime? It's true - so what's the catch?

News Briefs: Recent Crashes
Written by Mandorallen  (2070 views)

V2 is out. Crashes are in!

Issues at Home
Double the Danger, Double the Fun!
Written by VelvetLies  (2181 views)

No one is safe from the temptation of double experience. We sent 12 Gaardian Investigation and Response teams out to see how dire the threat is. 3 reported back with this information...

Really Mixed-Up Global Quest Winners
Written by Mandorallen  (2284 views)

The solutions to Gaardian's latest cryptogram competition can be found within.

Our regular contests will resume in the next issue.

Clan Life
Pick a clan. Any clan.
Written by Valefar  (5477 views)

So, you've found yourself clanless. Again. Keep these handy pointers in mind when picking your next clan.


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